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March/April 2017

KHS Monthly Programs

7:00 p.m.

Heritage Hall

203 Market Street

Kirkland, Washington 98033

Decaf and treats always served.

April 26, 2017

Matt McCauley

A local historian and lover of all things Kirkland,

Matt will share just a bit of what he knows

of Kirkland’s historic cemetery.


February was History Month

This is just a sample of the banners and history plaques

that were displayed in the Juanita, Houghton and Kirkland area.


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Cookie Exchanges from

Holidays Past……2001  to 2016


4th of July Parade, 2016







Lee Caldwell Ragsdale


Lee graduated from Kirkland High School in 1941. It had always been reported that Lee died fighting Guerrillas in the Philippines. Earlier this year we learned that Lee had been taken prisoner in 1942, survived the Bataan Death March and died while a P.O.W. in 1943. Lee’s body was recovered in 1949 and returned home. Lee is buried in the Kirkland Cemetery. We owe thanks to Lee Ragsdale Bates and Stacey Ragsdale for providing a photo of Lee.

RussRuss McClintick wore Floyd Berkey’s Kirkland Fireman’s hat during the April 29, 2015 presentation given by Captain Bill Hoover.  The hat is on display at Kirkland Heritage Society with other fire related items and photos.  The hat is in the Arnie Berkey Collection.


It was a wonderful 4th of July

Sid Ryseff in 2016




 Click link for movie of Jerry talking with Kirkland Police

Jerry Sampont at the 2013 Kirkland Summerfest

Officer Knafla, Jerry Sampont, Officer Zablan


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