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2016 May/June


May 25, 2016 Program

Alan Stein will present our May
program with the history of E
Clampus Vitus, a volunteer group
of history minded and skilled
craftsmen. Many of you will
remember Alan from when he
was KHS’s historian. It was Alan
that indexed the East Side Journal
which continues to be a tool KHS
uses every working day. Alan also
did great cemetery tours. Today
Alan is a historian for HistoryLink.

Programs are open to the public.  They are held at 7:00 p.m.

at Heritage Hall, 203 Market Street, Kirkland, WA

Decaf and a treat always served


April Fools LWHS newspaper, April 1, 1952

For a taste of 1952 High School humor, read this Washington World from the Marilyn Timmerman Johnson Collection.  It is text searchable….use use keys Ctrl and F.


April 1, 1952, Washington World

Lorna Brennan was in the KHS class of 1941.  Her sisters, Dorothy and Eileen, have donated many of Lorna’s school memories. The 1936 Junior Hi Lights has been scannedand is available to read right here.  It is text searchable…. use “ctrl” and “f” to find names.

Junior Hi Lights 1936, Issue I


Lee Caldwell Ragsdale


Lee graduated from Kirkland High School in 1941. It had always been reported that Lee died fighting Guerrillas in the Philippines. Earlier this year we learned that Lee had been taken prisoner in 1942, survived the Bataan Death March and died while a P.O.W. in 1943. Lee’s body was recovered in 1949 and returned home. Lee is buried in the Kirkland Cemetery. We owe thanks to Lee Ragsdale Bates and Stacey Ragsdale for providing a photo of Lee.

RussRuss McClintick wore Floyd Berkey’s Kirkland Fireman’s hat during the April 29, 2015 presentation given by Captain Bill Hoover.  The hat is on display at Kirkland Heritage Society with other fire related items and photos.  The hat is in the Arnie Berkey Collection.


It was a wonderful 4th of July

Sid Ryseff in 2015



 Click link for movie of Jerry talking with Kirkland Police

Jerry Sampont at the 2013 Kirkland Summerfest

Officer Knafla, Jerry Sampont, Officer Zablan


Kirkland Heritage Society

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