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RussRuss McClintick wore Floyd Berkey’s Kirkland Fireman’s hat during the April 29, 2015 presentation given by Captain Bill Hamilton.  The hat is on display at Kirkland Heritage Society with other fire related items and photos.  The hat is in the Arnie Berkey Collection.

For those who hated to lose the Kalakala, we must thank the City of Kirkland for buying some artifacts to bring home to Kirkland.  They will find a home on the Cross Kirkland Corridor.  The creative minds of Kirkland are working on it and have some wonderful ideas.

The latest Blackberry Preserves

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May and June 2015



It was a wonderful 4th of July

Sid Ryseff in 2014


 Click link for movie of Jerry talking with Kirkland Police

Jerry Sampont at the 2013 Kirkland Summerfest

Officer Knafla, Jerry Sampont, Officer Zablan