More on Gadget Nite By Loita

September 27, 2006





The most valuable item was that cone shaped scoop.  

It is a Quick and Easy Ice Cream Scoop.  Could bring over $100.





The Henis Press that Inga brought is listed as a ricer on both Google and eBay.  That is not right.  it is just too fine.  So I searched the Digitized Newspapers and it is from 1905 and is a fruit press and came in two shapes.  Was in the 1909 papers as well. 

The tie press is a tie press, not a beehive embedder.  Looks the same from a distance but not the same.

The corn cutter is called a kernel cutter.  Most have a handle on each side but this one was to twist around.  It is open so will adjust to the side of the cob.
The little long Japanese dish is a bone dish.

The glass coffee grinder was a coffee grinder.  They were just smart to hang in the barn for a feed grinder. 
Think that was it.  Can't remember if we were stumped on any others. 
Loita Hawkinson