Early Juanita School History 





The first school in Juanita was held in a log cabin on the Inez Dunlap place.  The second school was built in 1892 by Mr Olson, who lived near Ormbreks.  It was built on the north side of NE 116th Street (Langdon Road) and to the west of the first log cabin School.   Mr Shannon, an engineer for city light, taught there.  photo2007-khs-Juanita-School-1914-Caroline-Fishell.jpg (161084 bytes)As the area along 100th Ave NE became more settled, M. Alexander donated the land and Andrew W.  Nelson built a two room school in 1904.  Two rooms were added in 1913.  This school on 116th Steet was closed in 1916, and the children were taken to the school on 100th Avenue by Mrs Ostberg using a white horse pulling a spring wagon. This information is from the Juanita "Remember When" Map