Loita Hawkinson – President

Karen Schickling – Vice President

Frank Rosin – Treasurer

Janice Gerrish – Secretary

Linda Jaton
Vic Newhard

Lynette Weber

Dave Sherbrooke

Archives Collections & Research: Loita Hawkinson, Karen Schickling, Libbi Wright.

Comptroller: Hazel Russell

Blackberry Preserves Newsletter: Loita Hawkinson & Margie Denton

Hello Girls

(The Hello Girls were phone operators during WWI.  These ladies call members to remind them of our meetings and events)

Marjorie Denton, Linda Jaton, Cathy Radcliff, Corrine Hieb, Margie Denton, Marilyn Johnson, and Linda Jaton

Feature Writers: Contributors Welcome

Historic Sites and Planning: Lynette Weber

Scholarship Committee: Jim Neir,  Kris Woods

Membership: Frank Rosin

Funding: Loita Hawkinson

Oral History: Loita Hawkinson, Clarence Stone, Chris Neir

Programs and Education: Linda Jaton and Karen Schickling

Web Site/Technology: Christopher Neir

Liaison AKCHO,EHC Roundtable, KDA, KAC, CofC: Lynette Friberg Weber and Vic Newhard

Time Keeper (Time Capsule): Shannon Harris and Marin Harris

Interpretive Markers/Plaques: Loita Hawkinson