Finn Hill History by Victor Bahna

Victor shares his memories and views as he watches his treasured neighborhood change.  Click on the link above.  This article was also featured in the May/June 2015 Blackberry Preserves newsletter.

Kirkland Marine Construction by Philip Toman

History written in 1998 about Kirkland’s little known boat yard.  During WWII the Kirkland Marine Construction Company had the largest Coast Guard contract at that time.  Sixty-eight picket boats were built and launched at the former Ballinger Boat Yard.  Great photos from the Philip Toman Collection.

Hattie Goff Norman, Northup Pioneer

Hattie Goff’s family came to Northup is 1884.  This account was written by Hattie in 1964 at the request of a friend.  History includes Northup and the Highlands.

Ray Lincoln, Growing Up In Kirkland

In May 2015, Ray wrote some of his memories about living in Kirkland from 1938 to 1948.  Ray was in the LWHS 1948 class.  The High School was still on Market St.  The new school opened in 1949.  There are many photos from the 1940’s.