Legends & Lyrics of Northwest Woman Nite 

May 30th, 2006





Maggie Bennett shared her stories and songs of pioneer woman along with a slide show of people and places in Idaho connected to the stories. photo2007-khs-meeting-may30-5306225.JPG (110064 bytes) photo2007-khs-meeting-may30-04435.JPG (144807 bytes)





Russell McClintick  donated a signed copy of "Once a Marine"  photo2007-khs-meeting-may30-04431.JPG (164417 bytes)


Suzanne "Suzi Luke" Scheuffele donated a platter from the Wah Mei Inn which was located at the foot of 10th Street on lake Washington Blvd and also brought a picture of her dad Frank Hong Sen Luke who owned the Inn  

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