Phone Book's 78 Year Journey 

KIRKLAND HERITAGE SOCIETY and Kirkland families thank the family tree of GEORGE HOWE, owner/operator of EAST SIDE ICE & FUEL CO of Kirkland for donating their 1927 EAST SIDE DIRECTORY.  East Side Ice & Fuel Co has a paid advertisement on page 11 of this 1927 directory.  This directory has been passed down in the Howe family and they have generously given it to the Kirkland Heritage Society.

The directory was originally owned by George Howe, later owned by daughter Patsy Olson, then grandson Randy Olson.  Granddaughter-in-law Cathy Olson made the KHS connection through her mother Carol Trapp who knew of KHS.  I am mentioning all these names so they are aware of our gratitude and so that we know that this directory has had quite a life and never left Kirkland.  The Howe descendents now reside in Bothell. 

There is a blacked out mark on the front cover.  You can see that it had HOWE B130.  East Side Ice & Fuel’s phone number was Black 130.  It has SAVE marked on the front even though the directions inside say to destroy older copies.

The directory’s Kirkland/Redmond section includes Houghton and Juanita and has many addresses which are generally a route number or cross streets.  Bellevue/Medina is in the back on 8 pink pages.  The Bellevue/Medina section has names and phone numbers as well as many ads but no addresses. 

Rotary phones were just starting to be used.  There are detailed directions for using the dial.  The dial tone is referred to as a humming sound.  Operator was 911.  To call a person on your own line was complicated.  

The directory itself will be in the KHS archive.  The directory has been scanned and printed and copies will be available for research at KHS.  CDs have been made and will be shared with the area historical societies and the Howe descendents. 

Compiled by KHS members

Dale and Loita Hawkinson