1944 Phone Book Background Information 

This 1944 Lake Washington Telephone Co. directory was loaned to Kirkland Heritage Society by Martha Burr Millar.  Martha Millar is the daughter of David Burr and Gladys Simmons Burr.  Mr. Burr owned Lake Washington Telephone Company from 1914 through 1945.  Martha’s mother, Gladys Simmons Burr, was an operator who went on to marry her boss. 

The Burr’s had four children:  David Jr., Martha, Margaret and Mary.  It had been the plan for David Jr. to take over the family business and allow David Sr. to retire.  David Burr Jr., 22, died October 26, 1943 serving in WWII. 

All paper products from the WWII era are very rare because of the paper drives.  Most communities have gaping holes in their local history during the war years because daily newspapers, directories, maps, etc were sent to the paper drive to support the war effort.  

We are thankful to the Burr Millar family for allowing us to scan and reproduce this 1944 directory.  It is a good resource for Kirkland , Redmond , Juanita, Houghton and Northup.

The original directory has been returned to the Burr Millar family with our gratitude.  

Compiled by KHS members

Dale and Loita Hawkinson