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Burr-Millar Family – Kirkland High School Football around 1940 -Kirkland Parades 1937 and 1938 – Telephone Company on Corner Market and Central – Skiing on Municipal Hill Snoqualmie Pass 1933 – Grand Coulee Dam being built – Crossing the Columbia River at Vantage on a Ferry – Owens-Gates Family – Eastside Richfield Gas Stations c.1940’s – Lakeside Gravel Loading and Delivering Trucks – Kirkland Parades 1939 and 1940 Johnson Family Home Movies – Kirkland Parade c1940s – Kids Day Trip – Johnson Boy Scout Outting Neir Family Kirkland Overhead Blimp Ride from Sandpoint Naval Air Staion Hoyt Home Movie – Life in Kirkland in the 1970’s – Seafair – Indian Scouts – Cake Decorating – Birthday Party Gregg Oppenheimer – Lanny Ross Kirkland’s own 1930-40s Singer and Stage Performer David Sherbrooke – Sherbrooke Gardens on Market Street c1940’s – Gates family Gathering & Sherbrooke Marriage on VJ Day WWII