Old Timers Night

KHS Program at Heritage Hall

April 27th 2005


The Kirkland Heritage Society thanks all who told their stories of their life in Kirkland.  Also many thanks to Bob Neir who was with us for the evening signing copies of "A City Comes of Age " which he has donated the proceeds to the Kirkland Historic Society.  It was a fun round of conversation and we have the VCR tape of the event available in the Resource Center.


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The Evening's Story about  the Two hats

Arnie Berkey had his dad's fireman's hat from 1929 and Verhard Diekmann was presented with a cap from Mayor Bob Neir for his involvement  with the Parks Department Marina Park as an  Honorary port commission or Captain of the Port of Kirkland (Marina Park) December 15 1991. Both were actiive in the Kirkland Parks expansion programs.  Arnie told of the all out volunteer effort to build the first swimming pool in Kirkland and Verhard a former teacher was active in forming all the great parks we enjoy today.   Thanks guys, well done. 




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