Piggy-Bank Winner Karnival 2003


September 20-21 2003


Sofia Rashid was the first annual Piggy-bank winner.  Her winning guess was $37.00 and the actual amount was $36.78.  As you can see she had to share the spotlight with several others.   This was one happy winner.


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photo2003-khs-karnival-piggy-bank-winner-9230003.JPG (55766 bytes)   photo2003-khs-karnival-piggy-bank-winner-9230004.JPG (131347 bytes)  photo2003-khs-karnival-piggy-bank-winner-9230005.JPG (124394 bytes)  photo2003-khs-karnival-piggy-bank-winner-9230007.JPG (111263 bytes)






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