Help Identify KHS Pictures Night 

June 28th, 2006





The City donated to KHS a lot of photographs from the East Side Journal that had been given to them by Chuck Morgan. Virtually none of them have any identification on them – So, We Needed Everyone’s Help in identifying them! 

And Happy Birthday Bob


Click on a picture to enlarge it

photo2006-khs-meeting-June-28--02248.JPG (121093 bytes) photo2006-khs-meeting-June-28--02252.JPG (141311 bytes) photo2006-khs-meeting-June-28--02258.JPG (122347 bytes)  photo2006-khs-meeting-June-28--02257.JPG (165707 bytes)

 photo2006-khs-meeting-June-28--02259.JPG (108272 bytes) photo2006-khs-meeting-June-28--02261.JPG (92327 bytes) photo2006-khs-meeting-June-28--02256.JPG (133499 bytes)


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