April 26th 2006 7:00 pm Heritage Hall


Norkirk resident, Ken Nelson, will share his collection of 20th century art produced by artists from the Juanita Bay area of Kirkland .



One of the pieces to be shown is “The Nomad”, a Color Woodcut done in 1932 by Waldo S. Chase (American, 1895-1988).  He is the brother of W. Corwin Chase.  They taught themselves the art of the color woodcut in the mid 1920’s using Frank Moreley Fletcher’s Manual and produced magnificent color Woodblocks for about 10 years.  This is a unique piece since most of their works were landscapes.


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    "The Nomad"

WALDO S. CHASE     (Amer. 1895-1988)

color woodcut,     1932

ed. 200, 12 x 7 1/4."





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