Holiday Open House at the Creger's

December 15th,  2002



Our annual Holiday Open House  and Cookie Exchange was held at the home of Chet and Susie Cregar.  The historic home at 127 - 7th Avenue was built in 1898.  It was the home of Kirkland's first physician Dr. Barclay Trueblood who arrived in Kirkland in 1907 from the Midwest.  There is still a small door which opens to a space under the stairs where he stored medicine.  It was constructed by the Kirkland Land and Improvement Company and is an excellent example of the style of wood frame architecture preferred by Peter Kirk. 10th Ave, originally called Piccadilly, was the busiest road in town and led to the steel mill near Forbes Lake on Rose Hill.  Thank you Susie and Chet for kicking off the holiday season for KHS. 

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